The One Where I Do Not Stylize Food

When I search #DieteticStudent on instagram the images that appear are mostly of food.  Well plated, lit, styled, colorful, arrangements of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies, ingredients, grocery hauls, do’s and don’ts.

I stopped posting photos of my food several months ago.  My goal is to offer you information, not stylized photos of my meals.   Somedays my meals are on pointe, healthy and balanced; other days I may have a large bowl of popcorn and an all day study session.  #itscalledbalance

What you will see are quotes of the day, funny student, parent, food memes, posts from colleagues who inspire me, fellow #RDTOBE who motivate me and I hope you on your journey.

What you will read about is my journey to fulfill the goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.  I am a non-traditional student and as such, #thestruggleisreal  College is harder than it was twenty-five years ago.  The students (and some professors) are younger than myself.  The landscape has changed from hours in the library to hours online, from typing papers to hitting send, from heated discussions to discussion forums

Yes, I am able to offer you nutrition information (not medical advice).  Yes, I am able to prepare meal plans and product recommendations (not medical advice).  Yes, I am able to provide life experience of being a wife, a parent, an athlete, a professional, a college student, and an evidence-based view of heath and nutrition.  But not medical advice.

I hope you will join me on the journey where I go from the “Couch to 5K”  running program to Registered Dietitian.


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