The One Where I Update

SIAV - Green LIghtIt’s been four months since we moved into our house on Stampede Drive in Arizona.  There is so much to say, not sure where to start.

We rolled up to our house on June 10th with all the hope and excitement we could muster.  A new journey.  Where would it lead us?    Four months seems like years.

We unpacked, our life.  We left much of life behind in Texas.  Our family, our friends, our church, our support system.   We were poured into, people cheered for us and this new journey.  Some jeered, I’ve learned to ignore the doubters, the nay-sayers, the ones who are unable to be joyful for others in the great or the small.

Ryan began work at RCM Wednesday June 14th he met Ray in person, they stocked his office with anything and everything he needs.   I worked on paperwork to enroll Corbin into Higley High School and finalized my paperwork for my scholarship and continued to unpack and run.

By the end of June I’d run with the local Moms Run This Town group and logged miles including mountain views.  We continue to be amazed that we live here.  We.  Live.  Here.  We live where people vacation.

Corbin went to summer camp in California with RockPointe Church in July.  We celebrated the fourth in our neighborhood with beautiful weather and snow cones.   By the end of the month we were into a “new normal” groove.   Corbin  began his junior year, I was logging miles, Ryan was preparing to go to office in California to meet his coworkers.

Kathaleen came for a visit at the first of August.  It was so good to see her!  We laughed until we cried, we climbed mountains and ate all the food!

Corbin received his first progress report with all passing grades.  He is taking responsibility for his school work, meeting with his teachers, doing his homework.   I’m beginning to see signs of normalcy.  Regular eating, sleeping, engagement – peace.

We began attending The Grove and we really like it there.  Our friend Josh is the worship pastor there, it makes me happy to see him regularly.  We like the church, the atmosphere, the message.   Corbin prefers the youth group at RockPointe.

Although he has his Texas permit, he has to retake the permit test here, which will require a refresher drivers ed course.  Meh.

I began class.  It’s all online this semester.  I don’t like online classes.  It is so much more work and lack of instruction, explanation.  Read a book and teach yourself.  So frustrating.  I will not be considered an Arizona resident until next year and well I’m willing to wait for in state tuition.   I’m enrolled in Medical Terminology, Medical Nutrition Therapy and Intro to Social Work.  I was also enrolled in Sociology, but four online classes was more than I could handle, so I dropped Sociology.   I settled into a routine.

I went home in September, so refreshing to visit with my family and runner girls.  The scholarship banquet was lovely and it was so good to see my Collin County mentor.  She is a breath of fresh air.

The high school year is modified year round.  Nine week on, two weeks off.  As the third three week period come to an end and fall break began, Corbin is passing his classes, attended homecoming, and is pursing photography more these days.

My mom came out for an early birthday visit.  For her birthday we took her to the Grand Canyon.  She said it was a bucket list trip.  We took the tourist bus to the main views and vistas.   It was a good visit.

Now that I am in a groove with classes, I decided I’d take a fast track course through ASU Online.  Applied Food Principles.  It started this week!! EEEEK i’m officially a Sun Devil!


All the grocery stores!  Sprouts, Trader Jos, WholeFoods, and Fry’s (Kroger) as well as Safeway and Albertsons.

We live in a master planned subdivision.  Its landscaped, has two fishing lakes, two pools,  over 26 miles of running trails, community events, good neighbors and quiet

The view is amazing.  The weather is spectacular.  I can sit on my porch and enjoy coffee and classwork in peace and almost no humidity.

We have a normal teenager.  He’s not stressed about school, he’s making friends and he’s in regular contact with his discipleship mentor.  Now if we could add a drivers license and a job….

Ryan works normal hours and is not on call.   We have evenings and weekends as a family.

We miss things like Tex-Mex and local favorites.  But we’ve found new yummy places to eat and hang out.

We miss our family and friends.  But texts and calls and FaceTime helps decrease the miles.

We will be home for Thanksgiving!!!

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