Fall Semester 2017 Week 7

I have had difficult semesters in the past, but this one by far is the most work.  It is time consuming.  It feels like I’m rushing through each course.  I enjoy the classes, it is interesting and applicable information.  There is just a lot of it.   My goal this week is to have the weekend off, aside from turning in completed work.


Medical Terminology
Complete research paper, Due 10/16

Social Work
Discussion Post, Due 10/16

Applied Food Principles
Read Chapter 1-2
Review Power Point Lectures Chapters 1-2
Lab 1

Applied Food Principles
Read Chapters 4-6
Review Power Point Lectures Chapters 4-6
Complete Study Guide


Applied Food Principles
Lab 2

Medical Terminology
Study Modules Chapters 6-10, Exam Due Monday

Nutrition & Diet Therapy II
Begin Research, Paper Due Saturday


Nutriton & Diet Therapy II
Research, Paper Due Saturday

Applied Food Principles
Study Guide, Quiz Due Friday


Social Work
Read Chapter 6

Applied Food Principles
Quiz 1 & 2

Nutrition & Diet Therapy II
Complete paper


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