#FunFacts {links}

Fun Facts is the place where I will share the latest food and nutrition science, research and news.   This information is provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Knowledge Center, however other link will come from topics I’ve researched for class.

The first installment of #FunFacts focuses on BMI changes, or changes that should be considered due to studies regarding BMI measurements for certain ethnic groups over five years, involving three million children.  Also a link to Smart BMI which obtains more information than the standard BMI calculator that only includes height and weight.


Obesity BMI Differences

Smart BMI vs Standard BMI

Healthy meals and support recommend to helped people with Type II Diabetes.

Researchers reviewed thousands of studies spanning 42 years and found that providing healthy meals and getting regular help from dietitians helped change the behavior of type 2 diabetes patients and generated the best results among various interventions.


Just in time for the Winter Solstice is tips and recipes about Winter Squash from the Harvard School of Public Health.

I am personally making a butternut squash risotto with roasted turkey December 24th for dinner prior to midnight mass.   What is on your plate this holiday season?

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