Spring Semester 2018 Week 1

Ahhhhh….. a new semester is upon us… and unlike in the old days I sit at my Mac and wait for a syllabus, for Blackboard or Canvas to be updated with my classes.  I just want a glimpse into what the next 16 weeks will look like.  A previous syllabus would be helpful.

I’m new to the fast track courses.  It seems until I’m able to attend in person there isn’t much in the way of 16 week courses offered.  Spring 2018 will be divided into 8 week chunks.

January 8 – February 27

Foundations of Health and Wellness  (3)
ASU Online

January 16 – March 8
Intro into Dietetics  (1)
Chandler-Gilbert in person

January 16 – May 11

General Psychology (3)
Human A & P Intro (4)
Collin College (last two courses available)

March 12 – April 27

Intro into Clinical Informatics (3)
ASU Online

Four classes prior to Spring Break.  Three classes after Spring Break for a total of 14 credits this term.    I’m excited about these classes.  I’m finally to the point where I’m studying courses that are (mostly) in my field.   YAY!

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