Mid Semester Check In

This is the one where it was all too much.  My classes are as follows:

Foundations of Health and Wellness – Flex Term Session A
Intro to Nutrition Professions – Flex Term Session A
Medical Terminology for A & P – elective
Clinical Informatics – Flex Term Session B

The first two classes have been the most informative and engaging.  Made an A+ and an A respectively.   Nothing like a 4.33 GPA y’all!

The psych class is going well.  It is a sixteen week course.  It is informative, updated it seems from the course I took ut-ummm 20-ish years ago.   Similarly to the social work course I took last semester; at times it is intriguing enough to think about social work as a profession.

Yea… so…. this MT course.  Y’all I had to drop this class.  Usually I check out Rate My Professor for classes, however, there was one professor and one course offered, why look this professor up, right?   Note to self: Always look up the reviews!  I could have written every comment.  It’s not that it is a difficult course, it is that the course content is unclear.  The grading criteria is non-existent.  At spring break grades were still not posted.   I had to drop it.  It is not on my degree plan, it would transfer to ASU as an elective.  It had to go.   #sorrynotsorry

Clinical informatics is going well thus far; one week in.  It’s a health care information technology class.  Not really my cup of tea, but it’s on the degree plan. It is necessary in the field for sure.  Although the things I’m learning today will most likely be out of date by the time I’m in a hospital setting.

12 credits this semester.  Five semesters to go!!


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