National Nutrition Month

It is here and I’m late to the party!  There are so many blogs and dietitians and RDTOBE that have shared such good information.  I will share links to a few of those sites as well as some of my thoughts on small changes you can make to improve your overall health.

It’s never too late to start.  This is an article from NPR about beginning to be active in mid-life not necessarily for weight loss but for heart health

Heart Gets Younger With Exercise

Based on new research the meta analysis is in.  Coffee Good.  Drink It.  Moderately or not so moderately.

If You’re Into That Sorta Thing; Here’s The Scientific Info

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and Americans are not consuming enough.  As with other vitamin and mineral values this is another area where  just eating real food will up your daily recommended values.    From Food and Nutrition Magazine here is a list of excellent mineral sources.

Magnesium Sources


Rd’s to follow:
* The key to health is consistency.  If consistently chose nutrient dense over less nutrient dense foods.

* Drink enough water.  If you don’t like plain water, that’s fine.  Choose an alternative, like La Croix or add a squeeze of citrus.   A gallon a day is too much, honestly.  You’ll have to find your hydration sweet spot, mine is nine cups a day.

* I don’t agree with everything Michael Pollan writes, but one thing we can agree on is this:  Eat food, mostly plants, not too much. I’m not saying become a vegetarian or vegan.  I am saying Eat Your Vegetables!     Ten Food Rules To Follow

* Move your body.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it.   Run, walk, walk your dog, ride a bike, play tennis, join a gym, practice yoga, start swimming;  The activity you enjoy the most is the best activity for you.

* Put the phone away.  I have a screen rule I’ve set for myself.  Sorta like the Dr. Pepper Rule which was poor advice for a multitude of reasons… but this is good for your health, eyes, brain, communication skills and most of all for your relationships.  10-2-4 off by 8.
I check my phone for emails when I wake up, well after coffee of course, in the event I’ve had an update or grades posted by professors.  After that I check social media and email at 10 am 2 pm 4pm, that’s it.  I’m not currently running a web business, nor am I gainfully employed by sponsors of this blog (although one day…. #goals) I’m a full time college student who takes grades seriously.  I need as little distractions as possible.  The phones is set to Do Not Disturb at 8 pm and it plugged in away from my eyes until morning.

* Read more books.  Real books.  Get a library card, find a subject or genre that interests you and read.  Ten pages a day is all it takes to read a book in about a month.

Authors I recommend:

Gretchen Rubin

Brene Brown

Malcom Gladwell






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