The One Where It Is In Our Best Interest

Another semester begins next week.  Fall semester 2018.  A common thought arises at the beginning of each new season ninety-eight percent excited/two percent scared or ninety-eight percent scared/two percent excited.  I haven’t decided yet which it is.

Classes as are follows:

Biology for health care  professionals
Small group communications
Sports Nutrition
One Fast Track Course – undecided

The thing about being in this field, Dietetics, is that one’s focus is consistently on food.  When to eat, quantity consumed, calories burned, quality calories, the chemistry involved.  Macros and Micros.  Evidence Based Practices.  Science for the win, right?

As someone in the business of nutritional health, it behooves us to focus our attention to a growing national crisis, food insecurity.    I am privy to up to the minute nutrition news and research through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  A recent article caught my attention and caused me to begin research of my own.

According to this above reference NPR article.

“Many students don’t fit the stereotype of someone who attends a four-year institution full-time and doesn’t have a job, Kathleen Broton says. Rather, about 40 percent of students these days are working in addition to going to school. And nearly 1 in 4 are parents.

The juggling act can be hard to maintain. “Most of the students, we find, are working and receiving financial aid, but still struggling with food insecurity,” Broton says.”

If one in four are (collegiate) parents are struggling with food insecurity what can be said of their children?   Take the guess work out of the equation and do something.  #DOnate to your local food bank.  Get involved on campus.  Find out the needs of your campus food bank and provide where you are able.   It is in the best interest of our communities to be involved in this cause.  No child (or student) need go hungry in the United States of America.

Swipe Out Hunger
Feeding America
FRAC – Take Action
No Kid Hungry

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